Maple SyrupMaple Syrup

We can satisfy your sweet tooth in a natural way with our Organic Maple Syrup!

Our New York Maple Syrup is a great all natural sweetener. We pride ourselves with the best tasting and quality maple. Maple syrup comes in different grades. Golden Delicate is a light syrup with a delicate flavor. Amber maple syrup has a rich flavor and is a shade darker than Golden. Dark Robust syrup has a robust flavor and dark in color.

- Organic
- All Natural
- Fat Free
- A Powerful Antioxidant
- Fewer Calories than a Tablespoon of Honey

Maple SugarMaple Sugar

Granulated Maple Sugar is a natural alternative to processed sweeteners and is pure maple syrup - no additives!

- Sprinkle it on cereal, ice cream, baked beans, bacon
- Use for baking in place of white sugar
- Use as a sweetener in a BBQ sauce or rubs

Maple Sugar PiecesMaple Sugar Pieces

Our pure maple sugar candy is made from the very best Amber Color maple syrup.

Pure maple syrup is the only ingredient in our candy.

They have a semi-soft melt in your mouth texture and great maple flavor.

Maple CreamMaple Cream

Maple Cream is similar in texture to peanut butter, but is pure maple.

It is wonderful on toast, bagels, biscuits, frosting for cookies or cake, etc.

It is both cholesterol and fat free.

Maple Cream keeps best if refrigerated.

Maple Coated PeanutsMaple Coated Peanuts

Enjoy a favorite sweet and salty snack!

Once you start eating them you won't want to stop!

Maple Hard CandyMaple Hard Candy

Individually wrapped maple leaf shaped hard candies.

Maple BBQ SauceMaple BBQ Sauce

Enjoy a great tasting Maple BBQ sauce!

Recommend for barbecuing, as a rub, marinade, or dipping sauce.

Maple Roasted CoffeeMaple Roasted Coffee

When maple lovers and coffee lovers come together!

Maple Herbal TeaMaple Herbal Tea

Enjoy a hot cup of tea flavored with REAL MAPLE SYRUP!

13 Individually wrapped tea bags.

Net weight 23g.

Maple Black TeaMaple Black Tea

Enjoy a hot cup of tea flavored with REAL MAPLE SYRUP!

13 Individually wrapped tea bags.

Net weight 23g.

Pancake Gift SetPancake Gift Set

Pancake Gift Set makes a great gift set! Enjoy New Hope Pancake Mix with Organic Maple Syrup and a few condiments of Hard Maple Candy!

Gift Ideas: Breakfast in bed for your loved one! / "I am thinking of you" gift! / "Thank you" gift!

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